Looking for new seatingstraps for your chairs or rear seats? This is the solution. 

This material (polyesterfabric with pvc) is very strong: replacement will no longer be necessary.
The sets are fully custom-made and are mountable in a very easy way.

The assembly of the seatingstraps can be found on the assembly-guidelines  page. 

The price for a set vary per car:

Amazon frontchair seating                   8,-
                  "     "       back                    11,50
140 series frontchair seating               8,-
                      "       "     back                11,50 
P1800 frontchair seating                     23,=
P1800 frontchairback                         11,50 
P1800 rearseat                                   23,=
A complete set of 2 chairs plus rear seating is 90,-

We also deliver chairhooks for 1.50 each.

All prices ex. VAT