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Would you like to enjoy less noise and to cruise nicely with an overdrive? Then the easiest thing to do would of course be to buy an M41 unit but oh... that price!

Through an adjusted clutchhouse we make it possible to install a gearunit from a 240 series in your car. This goes as follows:

First we share the clutchhouses of another car with the clutchhouse of a 240. The front of the clutchhouse of a B18, B20 or B30 is then matched with the rear of the clutchhouse of a 240. 

An example of the clutchhouses is shown here, at www.

More detailled information is obtainable from Jim Hekkers website (in English):

The prices for the various engines are excl. VAT, based on trade-in; if otherwise a guarantor of [50,- per clutchhouse is required.

B18/20 to M46: 150,-

B30 to M46: 165 ,-

AW71 to B20 and B30:   210,-  (see illustrations below)







Adjustment AW71 to B2

B20_AW71 image 3

B30_AW71  image 3